Republicans and Tea Party

Now is it just me or can everybody see that these parties are destroying America in the name of greed. The Tax Breaks given to the wealthy and Corporations are and should be taken as an insult to every tax paying citizen. We are the people who will suffer for their idiotic dealings as they dump the burdens on the poor and middle class.

Since the newly elected politicians took office there has been tax breaks given to the wealthy and corporations and Non Stop attacks on the poor and middle class citizens. Why give tax breaks then turn around and cut budgets that are for the poor and middle class Americans?, it’s simple it’s nothing but a Class War they have started to destroy the classes that aren’t wealthy!. They are attacking everything that improved life for the middle class workers such as collective bargaining that has nothing to do with any budgets but everything to do with ensuring safe working conditions, treatment of workers, wages, and work rules.

The acts alone from these politicians are nothing short of Treason and in my opinion is that they all should be arrested and charged under the Patriot Act. These groups are attacking the very things that made this county great and the long paths, deaths, injuries, sickness and conditions to improve our working lives. These idiots are trying to reverse everything back to slavery conditions. I think it’s time to take a stand now and fight back not just for ourselves but for our kids, grand children and so on to preserve that they’ll have protected rights, pay, medical, and safe working conditions.

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